Everything you need to know about the OFC/VAC Appointment

First of all, don't get confused about the VAC and OFC appointment. Both of them are the same thing. VAC stands for Visa Application Center and OFC is Offsite Facilitation Center. Nowadays you see VAC Appointment on the appointment confirmation page.

Every person before the F-1 visa interview, needs to appear at US visa application center and the process is very simple but for the first-timers, I am explaining all the details about the VAC/OFC Appointment.

Let's start with the required papers on the VAC or OFC Appointment day.

  1. Passport
  2. DS-160 Confirmation page
  3. Appointment Confirmation

Both the confirmation pages should be printed, no soft copies will be allowed at the Visa application center. I had my OFC in Delhi. So I'll be writing details about the Delhi location. People having VAC/OFC appointment at other locations can also read the complete article because the process is the same everywhere in India.

For the Delhi people, the US visa application center is located at the basement of Shivaji Stadium Metro station. You have to enter from the back gate of the metro station. For the car owners, there is cheap parking in front of the metro station on the other side of the road (Rs. 20/hour).

After entering the metro station, you have to go to the 2 level basement and you'll see the visa application centers of different countries China, Greece, etc. And the one center not having a name board is US visa application center in the last.

There are no fixed timings of your entry, you can always enter an hour ago, totally depends on the rush at the center. Most of the times you'll be allowed to enter the VAC one hour prior to your appointment time. You need to be standing in one line at the entrance where one executive will check your details about the appointment and let you go inside the VAC.

After going inside, there is a normal security checkup and then you need to stand in another queue. Most of the times there will be a 2-3 person before you in this line. The boy/girl on the desk will need both the confirmation pages and passport and will redirect you to a lady, who will give you a token number and ask you to stand in the final queue.

Then you can check your token number appearing on the TV screens in front of you and can go to the counter number when it's your turn.

The person behind the glass will ask you to sit and give your documents. Then you need to confirm your name and DOB. Then after asking about the language you're comfortable in, he will tell you to read a few lines from a paper lying in front of you on the table. That's some kind of pledge you take about not lying in the interview and the information you submitted. Then your photo will be clicked and you will be asked to stand up for the fingerprint impressions. Left hand, right hand, and both thumbs. 

Then the person gives you a 15-20 second speech about the papers need to carry to the interview and punctuality at the embassy. At last, all the documents will be returned to you and now you're free to go from the end gate of the VAC.

This may seem long while reading but the entire process will not take more than 20 mins from entering the VAC to leaving it.

No need to worry, Just look at the people collecting their passport at the entrance. You'll also have to come to collect your passport after your visa is approved. Go home and prepare well for the interview.

All the best.

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